Welcome to fORNDATA x-MAS

2020-12-21 - Thank you!
From the bottom of our hearts - thank you for fORNDATA x-MAS 2o2o!

We've had a wonderful time and have already started planning for the next edition which will be run at 5:th of june 2o21! Hopefully both a physical and a streamed event, but we will without doubt stream it no matter what.

We will leave this party portal open for a while until we have backuped everything and made sure that nothing is lost. Then after that we will open it for uploading entries to fORNDATA sUMMER 2o21. More info on that later.

2020-12-19 - Delayed start
Unfortunately fORNDATA is an hour late - we will start stream at 17:00! Sorry for inconvenience.

2020-12-18 - Party portal open!
Welcome to the party portal for fORNDATA x-MAS 2o2o!

This is where the magic happens - use the portal to vote in the compos and keep track of changes in schedule etc.

The livestream is found on https://twitch.tv/forndata and you can hang out in our official Zoom Room for the entire event on https://zoom.us/j/94190776797. Password is 1337.

Remember to claim your votekey before you register (it's needed to proceed). Click HERE to get yours!

Event information and schedule is found on http://www.forndata.org.

Of course this party portal is IBrowse friendly for the true aMiGA wARRiORS out there!